What Makes Vidnami Different? It's Great!

What makes Vidnami different? You may have heard, the team at Noble Samurai have redesigned Content Samurai to create a brand new video app called... Vidnami

So what makes Vidnami different?

Most video apps these days help you create ads or short videos for social media.

But remember...

Likes and Shares DON'T pay the bills!

If you're chasing likes on social media, then you're missing out on the real power of video.

You see, only Vidnami allows you to create ALL the different types of video you need to:

  1. Build a large online audience
  2. Engage with your audience so people get to know, like and trust you
  3. Convert more of your audience into paying customers
  4. AND deliver your content and training in a professional way

Click here the button below now to watch today's short demo:

viral influencer videos, So what makes Vidnami different?

Viral Influencer Videos

You can create Viral Influencer Videos with automatic captions. These videos extend your reach, build engagement, and allow you to personally connect with your audience.

Content Videos

You can transform your old blog posts into full motion content videos to generate traffic from all the major social platforms.

attention grabbing Video ads to promote

Attention Grabbing Video Ads

And you can quickly create attention-grabbing Video Ads to promote your product or service.

Video Sales Letters

Plus, you can also make high converting Video Sales Letters to boost your conversions.

High converting Video Sales Letters
Training video and webinars

Training Videos and Webinars

And you can create Online Course videos, and Training Videos to share your knowledge with the world.

And best of all, you don't need any video editing experience, because Vidnami's built-in Artificial Intelligence does all of the hard work for you!

To see just how easy it is to create videos with Vidnami, watch today's short demo here:


I think you'll love it!

So do you agree this is what makes Vidnami different?
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The video below is made using Vidnami